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Electrospinz SEM Analyser Software

The Electrospinz Ltd. SEM Analyser software package is a specialist tool designed to automatically measure the diameter and orientation of electrospun fibre.

A selection of automatically detected scale bars.

Initially the software automatically detects the scale bar length of most SEM images and relies on the user to enter the length in physical units. The software works by identifying bright areas against a dark background and determining if the bright area appears to have a geometry that is roughly parallel sides with an aspect ratio greater than 1. The identification of bright areas is done using a gradient based system rather than a threshold system giving good accuracy for variable contrast images such as those for electrospun fibre mats. An explanation of why this style of edge detection is important for dimensional measurements can be found here. If there is a sufficiently low signal to noise ratio across the width of a fibre it will accurately identify each of the parallel sides and measure the diameter and orientation. The software will scan an entire region of interest set by the user and collate the results into a histogram.

An example of the output produced by the software. This can be plotted by the software as a histogram.

This can be exported as an image fibre as well as the raw data in a csv file. If multiple images are taken of a single specimen at identical magnification levels then the software is able to process a batch of images and collate all the results into either a collection of csv files or a single csv file. The image analysis algorithm may be applicable to greyscale images of other objects that resemble fibres. The program is written in dotNET 4.0 and as such requires the Windows operating system to run. Computation time for a single image is less than 2 seconds on a current desktop computer.

Key software features:

  • Automatic detection of scale bar length that eliminates user error in image calibration
  • Measures fibre diameter within a user defined region of interest (default is the whole image)
  • Measures fibre orientation within a user defined region of interest
  • Combines individual diameters into segments to reduce the effect of under sampling poorly detectable fibres
  • Process a batch of images with the same physical length of scale bar (pixel length can vary)
  • Provide simple histogram plotting of data
  • Outputs raw data to .csv files (compatible with Microsoft Excel and many other programs)
  • Simple user interface

Our scientific advisory team has prepared a statistical analysis of the performance of this software compared to simulated options, human operators and similar software that can be downloaded here.

The cost of the software package is NZ$2100 that includes shipping. We currently only offer one licence option. The researcher making the purchase will be the licence holder and the software may be installed on any computer used in their research project. The software will be shipped on a USB stick. Please contact us with any questions or if you wish to purchase a copy. We are happy to test example images of your fibre to demonstrate the programs features.

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