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Electrospinz Laboratory ES Family

Electrospinz Ltd. produces laboratory scale electrospinning equipment. The platform is a modular system designed to provide a cost effective solution for electrospinning experiments. A modular system allows easy modification and repair using off the shelf components in addition to the ability to upgrade with other modules as needed. All Electrospinz Ltd. electrospinning equipment is designed to work with a constant pressure system as this matches the force balance principle of the Taylor cone however, the system is compatible with standard syringe pumps and luer lock fittings. Both the ES1a and ES4 are built in an accessible format to allow the scientist easy access for observation and customisation. Safety is intrinsic in the design with a low current power supply that eliminates risk of shock injury to any healthy operator.

ES1a Datasheet and Manual

ES4 Datasheet and Manual

Electrospinz Ltd. also offers a full customisation engineering service. We are able to modify the standard ES1a or ES4 to suit your needs or design a custom piece of equipment to your specifications. Example specifications may include a heated spinning environment, atmospheric control, clean room isolation, custom collector design, charged collector and spinneret, rotating collectors, multiple spinneret solutions, data logging capacity and computer or PLC external control.

Please enquire for a quote or to discuss your needs.


The ES-1 appeared to be ideally suited to our needs. It is a simple electrospinning unit that ran straight out of the box and let us produce our first nanofibres in less than two hours. The ES-1 did exactly what the electrospinning devices proposed by other companies did and for a fraction of the price.

Dr Benoţt Duchemin
Wood and bionanocomposites department
Luleň University of Technology

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