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Questions and Answers

Q: Is it safe?
A: All Electrospinz machines are constructed to the electrical part of the BS EN 50 059: 1991 specification for electrostatic hand-held spraying equipment for non-flammable material for painting and finishing. Although the output voltage can be as high as 33kV, the maximum output current cannot exceed .33mA. No conducting parts of the machine at high voltage can be touched by the operator.

Q: Electrospinning is a simple principle, I could just build my own machine.
A: Electrospinz prides itself on short lead-times. We can supply you with a reliable safe machine that will work straight out of the box, and for an entry level machine, probably costing less than you would pay for a laboratory high voltage power supply, and more rapidly than you could design and construct one from scratch.

Q: I've looked at the price of a laboratory high voltage power supply and your machine can't possibly have a supply in it, will I need to buy one separate?
A: Electrospinz machines are designed with an internal high voltage power supply. Most laboratory high voltage power supplies are not designed for applications like electrospinning and hence include unnecessary features making them more expensive. Electrospinz uses a high voltage supply that is laboratory quality but with only the features needed for small scale electrospinning.

Q: Your machines are very reasonably priced – do you cut corners on quality?
A: We have wide experience in sourcing quality components for industrial control systems. In addition our electrospinning research work has given us a detailed understanding of exactly what is required to successfully electrospin. We don’t buy in any unnecessary functionality and build to simple but robust industrial standards.

Q: What solvent systems can I use with an Electrospinz machine?
A: Electrospinz machines are designed to work with aqueous systems. If you wish to use another solvent system, the piping is Silicone, the spinning tip is polypropylene, and the reservoir is glass making most solvent systems compatible. These are research machines, and the final choice of materials use will always lie with the purchaser. All parts of the machine designed to be in contact with the spinning solution are service replaceable.

Q: I would like to use a syringe pump with your machine, can I do it and where would I get one from?
A: It is no problem to use a syringe pump with our system. We have tried syringe pumps from here under high voltage conditions and have had no problems. However Electrospinz has chosen a gravity feed system because it is a constant pressure rather than constant flow rate and the constant pressure matches better how the process works. Specifically the Taylor cone is generated due to the action of the surface tension and the charge repulsion at the surface and the internal pressure of the droplet. If the constant feed system is used then the internal pressure of the droplet is variable, with a constant pressure system the internal pressure is constant.

Q: I need a feature that none of your current machines have.
A: Talk to us: our lean manufacturing protocols mean that we can readily incorporate new features required by our customers.

Q: I have just invented a new electrospinning machine feature.
A: Talk to us, we are happy to incorporate new technologies into our machines. Much of the existing range incorporates features invented by our research partners. We pay a royalty on sales for the use of these features.   

Q: Where can I read up on the background of electrospinning?
A: Electrospinz has been involved in the publishing of Electrospinning Review Report through RAPRA-Smithers Publishing which contains an excellent background to both the pre-requisite science and the electrospinning process itself. We also recommend An Introduction to Electrospinning and Nanofibers by S.Ramakrishna, K. Fujihar, W.Teo, T.Lim and Z.Ma, World Scientific Publishing Company (2005) ISBN-10: 9812564543 is the most readily available textbook.


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