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The Electrospinz machine

Electrospinz provides a complete turnkey package including a starter pack of consumables.Electrospinz machine use standard catalogue parts to minimise down time and running costs. Electrospinz machines design means that all parts in direct contact with spinning solutions are disposable.

Electrospinz machines are modular – buy an entry-level machine and upgrade to suit your developing research needs. Electrospinz machines are available with either constant pressure or constant volume feed systems.Electrospinz machines have a sturdy welded stainless steel structure to cope with a wide range of spinnable solutions. Electrospinz machines run off a single standard wall socket

Electrospinz machines use technologies licensed from the original developers. Thus newly developed technologies can rapidly move to market in the form of an add-on module. Electrospinz can take your laboratory concept and make it into a commercial reality. If you have electrospinning technology to develop, you should be talking to Electrospinz.


The Electrospinz Team

Electrospinz is owned and operated by Neil Buunk.

All our equipment is manufactured by the engineering cluster Excellence by Design based in Blenheim, New Zealand.

We maintain a voluntary panel of scientific advisers to maintain Electrospinz at the forefront of electrospinning technology. The current team is:

  • Dr. Nick Tucker - Plant and Food Research
  • Dr. Jonathan Stanger - Plant and Food Research

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