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What is Electrospinz ?

Electrospinz produces a modular range of laboratory electrospinning machines aimed at material laboratories who would like to get started with manufacture of novel materials rather than spend time devising a small scale-spinning machine.


What on earth is nanofibre(nanofiber) engineering?

Electrostatic attraction of liquids was first observed by William Gilbert in 1628, and attempts were made to commercialise the process in the 1900s and 1930s. In the late 1960s the physics of thread formation were described. More recently electrospinning has emerged as a ready way to produce nanoscale polymer fibres.

Potential applications for these materials include biocomposites, bioprocessing media, electronic technologies, bio-prosthetics, medicine, packaging, filtration, drug delivery, tissue engineering, high performance nano-composites, catalysts and bioremediation.